VP Products & Services GmbH

DCS5 - Our Sales Compensation and Dealer Commissioning Solution.

Product Overview

Our solution for Telecoms Incentive Management, Commissioning and Sales Compensation Management DCS 5 (Dealer Commissioning System) is owned, driven, licensed and marketed through our subsidiary VP Products & Services GmbH and developed by our sister company VP-Systeme GmbH.

Please feel free to contact us to learn more about DCS.

Core Product Features

The core DCS calculation kernel is a set of bullet proof PL/SQL modules. The reimplementation of DCS5 in 2016 to 2018 lead to an Azure-ready ASP.NET client with a consistent, performant and UX oriented cross-browser front-end.

Industry standard business processes are covered. Standard import and export interfaces will streamline any integration project.

The commission rules currently implemented contain almost everything the Telecoms industry likes, has in production or wishes to have implemented in there current tool. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Fixed amount per event, per product type, per tariff.
  • Scaled amounts per configurable interval.
  • Multi-stage calculations, like: Count employee points, if partner sold more then 1000 items.
  • Configurable time-driven clawback rules (automatic, manuell, on request, etc.).
  • Combined events.
  • Customer turnover.
  • Thresholds, bottom stops, top stops.
  • Weighted commissions including scaled amounts, e.g.: a scaled amount with an input of 30% private customer and 70% business customer turnover.

The payment distribution is highly configurable, but contains:

  • Differentiation between counting partner and payee.
  • (almost) unlimited structures, thus counting in one structure and payment in another structure.
  • Payment distribution along a partner structure (partner tree).
  • Unlimited number of accounts, payment unites.
  • Integration of with downstream FI systems.

Credit note presentment can be down by the customer, by a standard report or customised.

Future Product Features

In the near future our DCS will contain

  • Dashboard functionality.
  • Partner Self Care including POS integration, thus playing back the effects of a sales event to the sales system (including current and projected scaled amounts).
  • Realtime capabilities, thus the ability to reflect the current sales commissions within a couple of seconds.
  • Extension of sales commissioning to the much more general concept of "Evaluation of Key Performance Indicators".

Thus we are extending DCS to

  • Realtime evaluation of KPI based service level agreements.
  • "Hot Commissioning".
  • Live dashboards with immediate access to current and projected payment obligations.
  • Partner self care including live POS integration.


Custom Development

Whilst we believe our core product will cover a very significant amount of your needs, we are still able to help you in your custom application development project by

  • Helping you in project management, business analysis, methodology.
  • Delivering domain expert staff.

Consulting Services around Performance Measurement.

DCS Services

VP Products & Services GmbH serves as our sales & marketing platform for distributing our software portfolio. It serves as a general contractor and in case it is required may liaise with very experienced integration partners.

Consulting Services

We are experts in 

  • Commissioning rules assessment, design and streamlining.
  • Upstream and downstream platform integration.
  • Operational data warehouses, data cubes, hub & spoke architectures, bus systems, message brokers.

Since quite a lot of commissioning project just fail to deliver on time, within budget and in quality expectations, we know

  • how to circumvent COTS implementation obstacles.
  • how to maximise the overlap between business expectations and standard software.
  • how to save projects from drowning.
  • how to move a waterfall environment to a more agile approach.

We know how to deliver very fast solutions through

  • Massive ORACLE DBMS performance expertise.
  • Broad platform knowledge.
  • On-boarding of competent integration partners.


We have domain experts in the area of

  • Consulting: Commissioning rules, Business processes, Project Management, Agility, Scrum Mastering, Product Ownership, Quality Assurance.
  • Development: Symfony3, Drupal8, ASP.NET, DevExpress, Oracle DBMS, PL/SQL.