Your Challenge

You could hire "ressources", but would you find a team? You could stick to waterfall projects when the whole bandwaggon has good reasons (Standish Group's Chaos Report 2011), to move towards agile. You tried to implement at least 50% of the Scrum framework. And failed. Now you are considering an additional "attempt".

But will this solve your problem?

Our Solution

We deliver a fully functional team, with members who know each others, who trust each others, who know their limits and strengths. We supply office environments which have proven to function in an agile envirnoment. We know our tools. We know our processes. And we are able to help you becoming agile. Our Full Stack development team delivers web solutions using Symfony, Twig, Bootstrap, Angular, HTML5, MySQL and mainly uses Atlassian Jira, together with Confluence and BitBucket.

Our Solution Providers

We work within a team of three to seven developers per team. The skill set ranges from two to 15 years. Every team member is special. So, we focus on bringing the specialist's knowlegde into the project. We supply a development team according to We could supply the customer with a Scrum Master (part-time if needed), and a liaison manager who does the work for the customer's PO. If needed, we supply personnel to build the development team on-premise.