Quality Assurance

Your Challenge

Your product should launch now. But it will not. Your suppliers "push themselfs to their limits", which - you know it - will not be enough. Your organisation has moved from silo mentality to bunker mentality.

So, how will you solve your problems?

Our Solution

We will identify your biggest issues with a risk & impact analysis. We could offer you consultations regarding end to end quality management, including the definition of the product you want to sell, test analysis & design as early as possible, acceptance test csonulting, testing in production, and crowd testing. Analytical CRM, including customer surveys (through parter companies) could mitigate your biggest problems regarding future product developments.

Our Solution Providers

A team of experienced consultants, test managers, testers will find the best solution to your problems. We align with test automation companies and market research companies. We suggest the most appropriate tools (e.g. Smaply for customer journeys, R for data analytics). We favour OpenSource solutions over "big brands".